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North Highlands Narrative

North Highlands Narrative's First Distinguished Citizen

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We are excited to announce our first North Highlands Narrative nominee winner, Courtney Brown!

For the past decade, Coach Courtney has been an unwavering pillar of support for the children of North Highlands. Devoting his time and effort, he leads both the North Highlands Jr. Scots football team and the Swoop Time track and field club.

Coach Courtney's tireless commitment is geared towards keeping the youth away from negative influences, ensuring a brighter future for them. In his pursuit to nurture talent and provide opportunities, Coach Courtney has set up numerous GoFundMe pages to help his track and field athletes participate in the upcoming Jr. Olympics.

Beyond coaching, he selflessly extends his assistance day and night, readily offering a helping hand to those in need. From mentoring and providing valuable advice to aiding families facing hardships like food scarcity or lack of household items, Coach Courtney exemplifies compassion and community care.

In essence, Coach Courtney embodies the true definition of a positive force within the community, making a lasting impact on the lives of the children he guides and the families he supports. His dedication and selflessness have become an inspiration, uplifting the spirit of North Highlands as he shapes a brighter tomorrow for all.

What is North Highlands Narrative?

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“North Highlands Narrative” is a citizen award program sponsored by the North Highlands Recreation and Park District. Its purpose is to shine light on our everyday citizens and local organizations that make a positive impact within the community through acts of service or events.

On a quarterly basis awards are given to citizens or community groups residing within NHRPD’s District for their outstanding contributions to the community. Please consider taking the time to recognize and nominate an individual or group whose contributions make North Highlands a better place to live.

Winter 2023 nominations will be due on October 16th.


Anyone can nominate an individual or group. Nominations will be accepted all year long but will be selected quarterly (every Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring season).

  • Live within the North Highlands Recreation and Park District boundary lines.
  • Residents of all ages can be nominated including, community groups and events.

North Highlands Recreation and Park District does not discriminate on the grounds of age, disability, employment status, national origin, or gender.

Nomination Procedure:

The nomination must include:

  • A completed application.
  • Adequate supporting documents to substantiate the efforts and conditions under which they occurred. These may include official reports, narratives, news articles, letters of recommendation, and information on any other awards or recognition for the incident.
  • NHRPD staff members and Board Members are not eligible to enter.
  • Nominations will be considered during the time period provided and for future consideration. If a nominee(s) is not selected during a particular year, the nomination information will be saved for later consideration.
  • The act of service must have been done within one year of the time of nomination. For example, if you are nominating a person for the Spring 2024 reward, they must have completed the service between Spring 2023 and now.
North Highlands Narrative Nomination Form
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