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Mini Event Series - Mad Science Show 

Mad Science of Sacramento Valley is coming to North Highlands to put on a free science show! Join us at the Recreation Center to enjoy the show and participate in science activities. This is a great chance to engage in family-friendly activities and explore the North Highlands community.

Science Show Description: Spin, Pop, PUMPKIN!

Tumble into the Mad Science pumpkin patch and watch Professor Pumpkin’s passionate pursuit of pumpkin truth using people proven science! Wince as he slithers into impossibly small spaces. Gasp as he hurls his hulking pumpkin-ness over the falls of safety to an unknown fate. Sink into your seat as he inflates himself to explosive size. Your heart will melt as his evil twin is chemically crushed and the pumpkin world is saved from certain squashiness! You’ll be shocked, tickled til you cry and when you get home, you’ll hug your pumpkin like never before!

November 19, 2022 - 10:00am-12:00pm at the Recreation Center

Show begins at 10:45am!